Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Make Windows Registry run like the first day


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One of the key points to make Windows run faster and smoother is the Windows Registry. That's the usual guilty when your computer slows down.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a free application that will do the maintenance tasks for you and, by that way, will let you take the most out of your computer.

Fails, system errors, unfinished uninstallations, bad performance of some programs,... there are many causes which make your computer run slower and slower and only one solution: clean the registry.

Each time you instal and uninstall a program, it writes some lines in the registry and they usually keep them there when they are not in your system anymore. That means that, after a few weeks, your Windows Registry is full of nonsense and useless lines which only make your computer feel bad.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner analyzes the Registry and offers you the possibility to clean it in two simple and easy steps. Don't hesitate, install it and enjoy your computer again.
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